Get answers the most commonly asked questions surrounding Forex Trading

How Important is the Broker I Use?
Having a good forex broker is very important for successful forex traders. Reliability is key, there are plenty of dodgy brokers in the space that will scam you and steal your money the first chance they get. Always do your research to confirm the broker you are using is regulated. Take a look at some of RT.FX's recommended brokers in our members area.
Is Forex Trading a Scam?
NO! those that say that trading is a scam have either...1. Been a victim of a scam or 2. Not put enough work in to their craft to experience the rewards. Watch the videos in our comprehensive trading academy to find out how to beat the market!
Can I really make money trading the Forex Market?
The answer is YES. However, you must realise that this discipline takes a lot of commitment and hard work. There is a reason why 95% of traders fail, its not a walk in the park or else everyone would be doing it! No one is born a trader, one learns by trading. Joining the RT.FX community will help you greatly reduce the learning curve and get you to become a profitable trader in a shorter time. Why not take our 7 day free trial?
Is it difficult to set up a Trading Account?
The simple answer is No, once you have chosen your broker it is relatively easy to setup your real money trading account. Brokers will usually ask for certain verification documents such as passport, and proof of address etc. Once these documents are sent your account will be opened in a matter of days. If you unsure how to do this join our community, we have many videos that will guide you through the first steps to set up a Trading Account.
Do you have to have a lot of money to trade?
If you want to be a full time trader, yes you do require a large amount of equity to be able to live off trader as a sole profession. However, there are firms out there (RT.FX included) that will fund traders up to $100,000 if they prove to be a consistently profitable trader. In real terms, you can trade off an account as little as $100. Here at RT.FX we always advocate starting with a demo account (which is fake money) before trading with real money, and this costs absolutely nothing to set up! Every month one member of RT.FX will win a FREE $50,000 account trial, come join our community for the chance to win a life changing trading account!
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