Get answers the most commonly asked questions surrounding Forex Trading

When does the Forex Market open?
The forex market is open 24Hrs a Day/ 5 days a week. The timing of which is dependent on where you live. Its typically split up into 4 different sessions of which are as follows: 1. The Sydney Session 2. The Tokyo Session 3. The London Session 4. The New York Session
What is a PIP?
A PIP is the unit of measurement to express changes in price of a currency pair. The term PIP stands of Percentage in Point.
Should I get a Mentor?
This is dependent on you, a mentor is not a requirement, however they can certainly help a great deal! For those traders who have been trading for a while and are yet to reach the next stage in their development and are possibly stagnating and a little lost with what to do, a mentor could be the final hurdle for them in their trading career to turn them into the profitable trader they want to be. RT.FX offers one on one mentorship for our members and are guaranteed to improve your trading. Sign up now and get help from professional traders.
Help! There’s so many strategies I don’t know where to start!
Start at the beginning, here at RT.FX we will help you navigate the markets whether you are completely new to forex trading or have some experience. Ask our mentors questions at any time, watch our live streams, interact in our community and learn in our trading academy. Sign up now and start your trading career!
How do I become a funded trader for RT.FX?
RT.FX opens up its platform every year for our subscribers to apply for our trading trial. This will be a 3 month challenge where the top trader shall be employed by RT.FX and given a $100,000 trading account plus an annual salary. Not to mention the ability to live and work in Dubai where we are based! Become a member now and find out more!!