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RT.FX strives to be the top Forex educational platform globally, our members trust us to provide them with the necessary skills in order to beat the markets

The Forex Industry is ripe with scammers, pyramid schemes and false information. New and experienced traders need a platform that is trustworthy, dependable and honest, designed to bestow upon you the knowledge to learn and grow as a trader. Whether you are completely new to the space or not, RT.FX provides you with what you crave. There’s no need to be daunted by the stereotypes of the trading industry. We will take your hand right from the very start of your career and help you along the way, ranging from for those who still think candlesticks are only used in a blackout and are not squiggly lines on a chart! To experienced traders who want to interact in our community of likeminded individuals and have the opportunity to become a funded trader, RT.FX is Forex Made Simple, so come and join us and see for yourself!

Managing Director

Ryan Topp

I remember in school (many years ago now) I stumbled across a documentary when flicking through the TV about London City Traders, I was instantly hooked! From then on I have always had an inherent interest in the markets, but it wasn’t until I started taking trading seriously that I realised what it actually takes to become a full time trader. It was a tough learning curve, years of hard work and dedication, there was a few times during the process where trading got the better of me, I wanted to quit numerous times! But I picked myself up and kept on going knowing that if I worked hard enough, it would work out , and let me tell you, it was all worth it! I have a vocation where I am my own boss and can do things I could never do in previous occupations. I love Mondays now as I get to do something that I love everyday and I hope that you’ll join us and share our passion here at RT.FX. Let us help you on your trading journey, we can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to get you into that top 1% of traders, and you too can live the dream of financial freedom from the proverbial rat race!

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