Get answers the most commonly asked questions surrounding Forex Trading

Do you have to be highly educated to trade?
Absolutely not, in fact, most failures in the forex market are those highly educated individuals. The only requirements for a successful trader is a slight edge in your strategy, patience, risk management and discipline.
Do Signal Services actually work?
The answer is complicated, if you find a provider that you trust and has a proven track record, then yes, they can work, however, reliable services are few and far between. Online forex scammers will entice individuals with screenshots of large profits and rented super cars. Once they have captured an individuals attention they will request them to sign up to a specific brokerage with a referral link. This is where most of these scammers will receive their money, brokers will pay these individuals for new sign ups to their platform. Mostly, they have no idea how to be consistently profitable in the markets. In addition, these brokers are normally not the most trusted! This question has a lot more facets to it and will be discussed in detail in the trading academy.
I work full-time, will I have time to trade?
Absolutely, you do not need to be sat at a trading desk staring at the charts all day to trade (in some cases this is counterproductive anyway!). Some traders will only need to have a scan of the charts once a week, or once a day! Watch our video on the different types of trading in the RT.FX trading academy for more information.
What does RT.FX do?
Great question, here at RT.FX we are looking to educate individuals on how to trade the markets simply and effectively. We strive to help our members become the best traders they can be (hopefully making some money in the process!) Here is a breakdown of what we offer: 1. Professional traders stream LIVE every day, commentating on what trades they are looking at for the day/ week ahead. 2.Members have access and can copy the trades RT.FX are taking 3. A comprehensive trading academy to start, or brush up on your forex trading knowledge 4. Interact in our community and chat to likeminded traders 5. Improve your trading and apply for our Trading Trial to become a full time trader at RT.FX with $100,000 trading account 6. Every month one selected member will win a FREE $50,000 trading account challenge!
Can I trade from my phone?
Technically yes, however, in order to trade effectively you will likely require a bigger screen. It is very difficult to get a full view of a particular currency market using just your phone. If you have done your research prior and know exactly what you are looking for when you are away from your desk, it makes mobile trading easier. Another exception would be for trade management. if you are out and about and looking to close or move stops on a trade, using a phone can be perfectly fine. However, RT.FX would always recommend not trading using purely your phone.